Well, almost all of my books have animals in them:

Lester’s Dog has a bully dog and a kitten in it.

Sable is about a girl who longs for a dog.

The Cats in Krasinski Square bristles with heroic cats and dangerous dogs.

Wish on a Unicorn features a stuffed unicorn.

Phoenix Rising runs on sheep and dogs.

The Music of Dolphins…well, Richard, you know which animal you meet in that one.

Out of the Dust has rabbits and horses and cows, but they only make cameo appearances.

Stowaway introduces all sorts of animals. It’s a veritable ark.

Witness ends with a deer.

Aleutian Sparrow…think cold-climate fauna.

Brooklyn Bridge wouldn’t be any kind of book at all if not for stuffed bears.

The upcoming Safekeeping gets close and personal with dogs, cats, and chickens.