A book often has at least two titles. It receives a “working title” at the beginning of the writing process. At that point I have a very vague concept of what the book is truly about. Only after a year or two of writing and rewriting do I begin to understand what I’ve been writing. Near the  end of the process I enlist my family when I can drag them to the table and we brainstorm titles. We can get pretty silly once we get going. Often the possibilities fill several scraps of paper. Finally I  read through the manuscript once more and jot down appropriate phrases I think might distill the essence of the book. In the end the title I select has to be one a reader might be able to recall years after reading the book. So though some of my title possibilities are more poetic and intriguing, I’ll usually opt for the most straightforward title. In this case you can see some of the titles I considered for my book BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Do you think, given these options, I made a good choice?DSC04051