DSC07224I was born in 1952, in Baltimore, Maryland. I lived in a brick, row house in the city and my neighborhood brimmed with children my age. Summers were spent flying in and out of each other’s homes. We were generally unsupervised, playing from early morning until late in the evening when our parents came out on their porches and called us home. We played everything from jacks to hopscotch, jump rope to “swinging statues”, “talent show” to “mothers and babies”.  There was a park about five blocks from my house in one direction and a public library about the same distance in the other direction and I loved going to both. I graduated from high school when I was sixteen and attended Towson State College for one year as a theater major, then the University of Maryland for three more years where I graduated with a B.A. in English with double minors in Psychology and Anthropology. I’ve lived in Vermont since 1976 where, with my husband, I’ve raised two amazing daughters. I love to knit dolls, go hiking, take photographs, read, write little tunes for the piano, paint, sing, and cook.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting me here. I hope to provide you with little flashes of insight into one writer’s process…and occasionally an unexpected detour to delight you along the way.