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While in the early stages of writing Out of the Dust I walked into Experienced Goods, a local thrift shop that raises money for Brattleboro Area Hospice. There I discovered a handmade doll that perfectly fit my emerging image of “Daddy”. I bought the unusual little doll, brought him home, and set him on top of my computer monitor. How I loved looking up at him while I was thinking. He remained on my monitor throughout the months and months of revision and would be with me still, but…

I no longer have him. When asked by ABA for a donation for their annual fundraiser, I gave up my dear little “Daddy” avatar.

This doll, which I made a few weeks ago, though not really like the “Daddy” doll I gave up, still has some of the same spirit.



I love to knit, hike, take photographs, read, watch movies, attend lectures and concerts,

I love listening to  National Public Radio. I love  cooking and eating good food.

I love spending time with friends and family. I love going on adventures. I love painting watercolors.

I love meeting new people and discussing the world both large and small.

And so much more, so, so much more.

Nights away from home can be stressful so I bring my knitting to calm me. These two little mice were born in the Marriott Anaheim at the end of June 2012. They were quite well behaved and to the best of my knowledge didn’t leave any droppings behind.

I extend heartfelt thanks to my publisher, to those who stood patiently in line for a signed copy of SAFEKEEPING, and to a very fine gathering of guests who had a choice of how they might spend a glorious Sunday evening and elected to spend it with Marissa Meyer, Gennifer Albin, Leigh Bardugo, Faith Erin Hicks, and me.

There are many things I love to do in my spare time.

One is knitting animals and dolls to help support a small orphanage in Haiti.

When my friend, Julie Reimer, discovered this passion of mine she asked if she could help. Last year I set a goal for myself: to knit one softie for each child at the Orphelinat Foyer Evangelique in Haiti. That was a nearly impossible challenge. Work on Safekeeping consumed so much of my time. So Julie pitched in and knit several dolls to help me reach my goal.

Here is one of the children at the orphanage in Haiti with a softie made by Julie Reimer.

Today is Julie’s birthday. It seemed appropriate to show this image taken by Mariam Diallo. It is just one facet of the joy Julie brings to children every day.